Four Percent Group Review

Four Percent Group Review

Vick Strizheus has done it again…. This time his elite team is killing it, with the highly respected Four Percent Group.  Vick himself explains what his group entails.

The following is the transcript for video: Four Percent Group Review by Vick Strizheus

so check it out so so the four percent ok so the four percent is something ok four percent group ok we have we have we have trainings ok ok really the vision here is to is to take everybody ok everybody who was a part of this group and not only help make money

I look at what’s going on in the in the in the industry and look at what’s going


you know to just sort of talking to people and everything and so there is a

big there is a big gap between somebody who’s like okay I’m i want to make money

biggest on you could do the facebook live but i’m so broke right I’m so I’m

so insecure in myself that I literally i’m like i can’t i cannot be

I cannot do a facebook live or shoot a video or write an email from a position

of power and my sense

so how do we change that we change that and and and what causes that let that

that position of insecurity

ok there could be many factors many factors

research shows that though that the the biggest one of all right if you have

pressures whether its family relational right whether its financial pressures

whether it’s you know you’ve got too many bills going on you know you just

can’t think clear right

so money souls about ninety percent of the problems

ok doesn’t have a hundred percent but it’s all about ninety percent of the of

the situations that’s going on in people’s lives

ok including relationships ok unfortunately you know I mean

so if i can if i can see if I can do this okay for it would say but if I want

to build this guy up

okay if I take this guy right here okay if I take this guy

it might be you all right maybe somebody ok but member of the four percent this

guy comes into the group

ok and we focus on a few things we focus on

we focus on getting this guy

confidence level high okay we’re getting him from being just like I don’t you

know I have never done this before but I so want to do them fired up i got the

passion inside of you know what I mean I’ve got like I’ve got that spark I I

know what I want to see the lifestyle you know I see what these guys are

talking about and then I want to be part of that right i want to do that I want

to do an online marketing but man I’m sorry secured I’m freaking out and

weakest telling me to do a facebook like I’m literally shaking man because his

confidence level he’s never done it before right

the best way in my opinion ok i can’t speak for me it is the best way that I

see that I can help this guy

ok he is 22 to do it systematically all right to due to give him to give him a

system that’s gonna work okay if I can take a human component out from the

equation and i can say look here’s a system because systems work people fail

that’s going to be the theme for the four percent group systems work people


ok we all fail okay one point in time but if we have a system that works like

it it just it just it works ok they might cars its asset you know it’s

robots right

like there was no mistake right once you once you set it up once you fine tune it

it works it works for anybody who runs it ok anybody literally

so the AA so if i can give this guy

plug it into a system that works get him some commissions going making your first

sale he’s like this world works

right now i can say look you just made your first i’ll do a quick video to your

facebook life say hey everybody i just made my first sale woohoo

right you think he’s going to be able to do that super easy right now

he gets his first commissions you know if it’s 2,000 bucks for 4,800 bucks or

whatever the Commission is but you know same way he made his first 4,800 bucks

right then he’s like man I just made more money in a single day right

potentially then most people will make an entire month

what what do you think is going to do to his confidence level is going to boost

it up like crazy he’s gonna be like like this now right

instead of being like this you know I mean so he can have that confidence and

his wife or his husband his significant other who would be like you know who’s

been telling them all these years you’re not going to do it you’ve tried it

before you failed you failed you failed

that another thing you’re gonna try right now he made it first first sale

he can he can show it to his spouse right and and and his spouse would be

like man honey I love you allow your man i love you baby

you did it congratulations you said I’m saying that’s where my head is that you

guys right

but at the same time I teach him how to become a four percent error in every

area of his life that includes business that includes finances that includes

health right that includes personal behavior that includes interactions that

include communication that includes every area of your life to be a four

percent because you do your research four percent of people in any industry

earn about collective about ninety six percent of all the money has been earned

in any given industry

ok money is not everything but it’s like oxygen man is going to make your life a

whole lot easier if you don’t have that you know you you know you’re gonna have

some problems

okay but there’s a very fine line between between having the money be your

master and having the money be your servant ok what your focus is very very

careful so but the bottom line is if I can if I can help this guy take care of

putting on some solid solid solid financial grounds and help him boost him

his self-esteem and the way he thinks of himself and he can go and conquer the

world right

he wants to make the next iphone do he’s going to make that he was going to make

the best product possible because he’s operating from a position of power not

from a position of like timid you know being timid and then and then and then

scared and shaky right

something shaky boom Edward is a green ok so now here’s the thing four percent

groups you something guys go back with me to like you know other other system

that i created for network marketing company so might the whole concept is

this how do we get this guy from 0 to 10 km what ok or 5k or fifty or a hundred

doesn’t matter what the number is

well the best way we can do that is by focusing on the top 2% of the activities

that he needs to do

literally ok in every area traffic conversions

you know it’s like what what does he do what are the top two percent of the

activities are three things you need to do on a daily basis right to be

to be a you know to get the ninety-eight percent of the income that he wants

because from from talking to literally about 200 people personally you guys

I can see there is a pattern people are focusing on a ninety-eight percent of

the activities that produce about two percent of the results make sense yes if

I can help this guy

flip that around and teach him and say look here’s the system here and here’s

how it’s gonna work on it

I’m going to be with you I’m gonna run alongside with you we’re going to do it

together you see what I do you know I see what you do we keep myself


it was going to work for its systems systems work people fail but then

teaching now with the four percent

here’s what we have we have a lego style system when it comes to opportunities

right or more finals

okay or like how do I help this guy make money so you know we need to have a

big-ticket item which you all the guys know he wouldn’t you know hopefully

we’ll have many strangers here

internet marketing college ok this is our first

this is our first you know high ticket fun right now it’s in the pre-launch it

pays 12 thousand dollars

ok actually it’s a 12,000 always and it pays forty eight hundred dollars on sale

for an all-in

ok there is also a hundred dollar level is coming out and and two thousand

dollar level is coming up in august when they watch ok but the top 2% is going to

be focusing on always i’ll share with you some stats here from what I’ve done


ok i’ll be i’ll share with you no space exact numbers here at 0 as of like the

you know the minute before i went live over here just pull them out

so that’s that ok so we have system there but not only focusing on like you

know as I told you guys on the webinar not only focusing on

unlike business opportunity type stuff but we also have finals for the product

itself so we sell this thing for what it is that’s why I got so excited because

you know I had that vision myself

I told you guys that right i wanted to have something like a central hub for

education right

these guys pulled it off and they did it really really well they got some top

talent over there so it just it it makes absolutely no sense to me to not get

behind it and not blow the doors off of this stage right because it’s something

that that I wanted to do myself

I mean I pull up my make sure i can see you guys

actually guys still with me here

ok so so here’s the thing okay

you know I told you guys it on the webinar right we’re going to have finals

for you know for for ten thousand dollar product sales

so which we focus on the top 2% ok so we go for insurance for example

ok insurance

ok it’s a ten-thousand-dollar training that we’re going to be selling and we

create Final Four with their for insurance agents

these guys are going to gonna pay you ten thousand dollars you know if the

final is done right and they’ll kiss you for it right for selling them at 10,000

of the program

guess what if you have a done-for-you for know if I can get this guy plugged

in and you can say here’s here’s a funnel for with a product that even talk

about money

ok what we’re selling a product over here this targets insurance agents this

final right here

target’s real estate ok same thing we saw him a ten-thousand-dollar education


and so what are they going to learn man they’re going to learn how to become

independent and the best what they do over here

ok you want to be the but the you know that you want to be want to be an

independent independent you know a true four percent in the insurance industry

you want to be a four percent in the real estate you want to be a four

percent or in you know MLM right

you see if you see the vision you guys so we sell this product but you don’t

even have to sell if I can take a human component out from the equation of cell

of open the sales of these products and i can give you a system the system build

a list for you and those you know genres in those niches the system does all the

selling telling explaining everything for you literally right then you make

you make a few of these dude you reach their goals you like

man im a champion right you like it so it makes so it makes so much sense right

now we can go and we can crush

now another thing what we do is we’ll make this four percent group and I told

you guys this is a paid membership

ok which is a

which is a forty nine dollars per month

very very very doable for everybody i was honestly guys I’ll tell you this is

a strategy session so we don’t have anybody who is like an outsider here so

all the guys are confirmed

I but I was thinking I was like okay do we charge 297 makes perfect sense man

and you can look in charge 300 bucks a month like easily you know and and and

every would be worth every single penny and then some

you know could charge 1 97 97 so I was like okay what price point what was that

was that was a really good realistic price point on this and then I just

listened to my heart I’m like you know what man 49 box just came to me is like

49 boxman 49 bucks

you know everybody can afford it it’s it’s it’s like a half of a bag of

groceries you know he go shopping right and it just I just I just pulled that

number just it just came to me I just listened to my heart and just like 49

bucks boom ok so i get forty nine dollars for the four percent

ok four percent membership

ok it’s 49 a month but it’s for the commissionable ok it’s commissionable to

whoever refers ok

one Salman uh-huh it’s for the Commission about yeah I’m saying

but then we can have ok we can have a plethora of things over here okay let’s

say there is you know let’s say that you know later on

there is an opportunity comes in ok maybe it’s central life maybe you know

but whatever that makes sense right for what we’ve got going on over here

ok we can plug in you know product one

ok we can plug in product – we can plug in product 3 and so forth ok

he said I’m saying you guys here so what we do is we have this becomes literally

the place for an affiliate to grow into a four percent ER while while pulling in

tons and tons and tons of cash

ok coming in and and we take you know from all of these finals over here

everything everything that we’ve got going on over here okay

we literally take the the human component out from the sales process

ok we have closers people who can close a high ticket sale for you

you know if you want to utilize them that will be available we’re actually

working on that right now

ok so we have the closer’s we have you know that I was going to do replicated


it’s it’s literally a turnkey business in a box and you have multiples of them

now here’s something else that’s really really cool ok let’s say that Shawn or

maybe Randy or internal Carolyn or you know I’m not see hussain here right

you’re one of you guys okay see we will build while

well this is working for you guess what you’re not going to just sit around and

just you know fold your arms and be like okay you know life is great i’m going to

go on a beach

you know if you’re going to do that we’re gonna what I call you out

ok we’re going to call you out because my vision you guys my vision is every

single member

we need to keep each other accountable and reinforce this message okay we need

to reinforce this belief and reinforce this

this this concept of you know what every single member

ok is responsible to do whatever it takes not what it takes whatever it

takes to become a four percent ER in every area of their life while their

systems are working hard on generating the money

ok money is easy very very easy but if we each commit all right

that’s why you had to agree to that was what everybody had to pledge before you

got here you had to pledge

ok and that pledge becomes our our operational guide you said I’m saying

for the group so we literally hold each other accountable

you know we have retreats we have get-togethers we have webinars we have

you know we’ll have groups when you guys see the actual members area that’s going

to be you know that that’s going to be a be unveiled here are you know late July

i’ll tell you more about that in a minute here but I want when this guy

logs in here

ok he is like he is stepping into a whole other world

ok that’s division he wants to be like wow man this house is so cool

look at that look at that look at that look at that wow man this is this is

this is a trip dude

ok that’s it was that’s the reaction we want from him ok that’s the reaction

that every one of you guys will have

ok so we want to reinforce that message of a four percent of be a true four

percent it’s an identifier

it’s a label when when you think of yourself

when I say who are you you’d be like I’m a four percent man i’m a 44 center when

you say I’m a four percent or do you get goose bumps

did you get goosebumps right

I’m saying you are four percent right so if you are a four percent of yourself

you’ve got to do whatever it takes to get others to join in that vision

okay we gotta do whatever it takes to keep reinforcing that message and get

other people to join and buy into the region once people buy into the vision

of being four percent do you think

ok do you think we can positively make an impact in the world

ok we’re going to change the entire world but look we can change this world

right here can’t we

ok and you can be responsible for I don’t know a hundred people 50 people a

thousand ten thousand people 20,000 people you know how many people do you

want to do you want to change how many people do you want to impact person and

it’s not just you just you don’t you’re going from being the selfish guy which

is give me give me give me money money money that’s that’s all it is that’s on

your mind at the moment which is fine we’ll fix it right

but then you’re going to step into the realm of like okay it’s the next level

ok can I can i make my difference here he said I’m saying can I how many people

can impact you can impact them indirectly first and then as you become

the four percenter

dude you’re gonna you know you go to Aunt rely for example right or you go to

any you you can you become you create your own passion your own vision you

bring that to reality but you now are so confident do that when you look people

in the eyes okay

when you look them in the eye you have that spark inside of you you have that

spark in your eye that people feel and they can see it and they can sense it

and they’ll just follow you become the so attractive so magnetic right that

nobody will know buddy

when two people meet ok the person who is more certain at what they do always dominates always ok always remember that so we want you to be that person ok that’s kind of the vision for the four percent you guys okay makes everybody okay make sense yes yes yes

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