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Join me on my Journey in making $30,000 a month

Hello, my name is Rick Martinez,   Internet Marketing Entrepreneur, and I’m currently on my journey to an extra $30,000 per month.  Why 30G’s you ask, It’s  kind of cool to know I’m making 1 thousand dollars a day, passively.

Let’s see if I understand where you’re coming from, and if I can be of service!  If your anything like I was, your ready to quit your job.  You hate getting up in the morning to go work for some asshole who doesn’t really give a shit about you.  Your severely over-worked and under-paid.  You can never take any vacations because your scared to ask your employers for the time off!  You’ve heard of young entrepreneurs making insane amounts of money in a day that you can’t make in 1 month.  You’ve got a vision, a dream of making money online that no one quite understands.  Your ready to make that dream a reality.  If your anything like I was above, then I’d like to introduce myself.

I’m not spending 8 hours a day doing something I don’t enjoy.  I sit back, spend a few focused hours on tasks that make me money, and spend the rest doing what I want to do…when I want to do it!  I’m just a guy, that loves what I do, making money online, and living a life of complete freedom.  But my life wasn’t always like this.

Where I Started

I was born in Mission, Texas…and always had this vision of being in business for myself.  You see I come from a  large family of 7 siblings. 4 sisters and 3 brothers. I was one of the youngest in my family.
My father was a minimum wage field worker, never complained, but worked very hard for his family getting up at 5am, working in the sun all day, coming home around 6pm, just in time for supper, and chitchat with the fam.
I know I learned discipline, hard work, and perseverance from my dad, and I am so thankful for that.  My mom was a stay at home mom, is a very loving, caring person that is always there for me, is always caring for everyone else, and thinks of herself last.  We grew up poor in my family, but because of the morals that our parents instilled in each of us, we strive to do better with education.
The majority of my family now is involved with business in one form or other.  From real estate holdings, to home health cares, and home businesses.  So I myself knew I wanted to be in business for myself, be my own boss.  Passive Income.I was taught and believed with all my heart that the only way to success was going to college for 4 years. You see growing up, I was always taught to get good grades, get into a good college, and eventually find a “Job” that was paying good money, so that I could retire with a bit of change after 30 years.  Because that was all I knew, it didn’t sound too bad.  I later in life questioned that system.  I actually almost regretted it.

The Job Life

I was a hard worker.  No matter what “JOB” I had, I was always quickly recognized as someone with a superior skill set.  If I didn’t know something I could easily be taught, and I saw myself rising above my peers.

Before I knew it, I was working 10-13 hours a day, 7 days a week, for an average of 80 hours per week.  (Did I mention Every holiday?)  I would go home exhausted, wake up tired and delirious, and repeat the process over and over again.  By now I had moved out, had no time for family, but a few new toys to show for it.  The price of success right?  It took me years to realize that my mindset was all the way
I was running my own business, but was not really making a killing, and to top it off, was not seeing my family much at all, and that was totally what I did not like.  But all the money that I was making came at an extreme cost, My Time. Don’t get me wrong, we took some time off here and there to go on vacations, but when we got back from vacation, it was back to the work grind, back to reality.

But when you don’t have the time to spend it, it’s worthless.  I could never plan to travel the world because I was Working Too Much.  I couldn’t enjoy any free time because to put it quite frankly, I didn’t have any.I was exchanging my time for money, and it was keeping me Broke.

I Saw The Light

Then one day it hit me, is this all that life offers, in other words are we just supposed to work 40+ hours a week, not spending time with family, grow old and retire in a nursing home?  The thought of that scares me to death, I want to live life with my family, enjoy vacations more often, and not have to worry about paying bills on time.  I wanted it all, is that bad?  I wanted a way to make passive income.

I Cracked The Code

I  began by dabbling in building websites, learning as much as I could, just studying people that were making money online.I would spend all day in front of the computer just reading, viewing videos, everything and anything having to do with either, making money online, mlm, seo, home based business, I do mean everything.  There is so much information out there its frustrating, but I finally cracked the code.
There is a huge learning curve, but I finally got good at building sites, optimizing for google, white hat back linking, seo, affiliate marketing.
It started when I began to build a site for my wife’s business, she owns a cheer and dance academy in our area.  I began to build out the site, but do lots of on page, seo, linking, html, yada yada yada, and bam, I got her site to rank for lots of keywords that is getting her free traffic from targeted customers looking for her service that she offers.
So then I got to thinking and I began to do it for a business that I do, you see, I own a t shirt printing business.  So I built a website that gets tons of traffic from people from all over the World. Dont believe me, go ahead and google ‘bulk t shirt printing’  (that keyword alone gets me tons of traffic) well, my site is sitting pretty at #2  http://bulktshirtprinting.webs.com/
p.s. this site gets tons of traffic from other keywords as well

I get tons of emails, calls from people mainly from the U.S. wanting huge t shirt orders. 🙂

You see, your business site + targeted traffic =$$$

Well then I began to wonder, hmmmm, and I asked myself this question:  If I can do this for a brick and mortar business, and get tons of free traffic from people looking for what I am selling and make good money.
Then why dont I also start to build sites that makes me passive income!!!
So that I did!!!

In fact, this site your on now is one of them!
I’m Coming For That Number #1 Spot     -Ludacris

Let me ask you, How did you come to arrive at this site?  That’s right, you googled , and found me at the top of and clicked on my site, Bingo!!  Bottom Line is , I know how to get sites ranked.  And I teach those methods to my Team Members Only.

Are you not Entertained!! lol

Why Am I Showing You This?

Im not showing you this to brag or show off Im just showing you that I am an SEO Expert that knows what it takes to rank sites on top of Google where all the magic happens.
Its one thing to build a site, and try to promote or sell something, its another to get ranking on google for free traffic, but not just any kinds of traffic, I do a lot of keyword research and only target ‘buying’ specific keywords.

Your site + Targeted Traffic = $$$

Its as simple as that, the formula that is. But actually ranking your site is another totally different learning curve.  And that my friend is the Golden Egg, Its the difference between not making money and Making  tons of moola each and every month.
P.S. I’d like to help as many people as possible see their dreams come true in record time.  Just be willing to be a team player and work a system until you master it and make a breakthrough.So, to be pretty honest, the better you guys are at Making Money Online, the more successful our team will be, and that’s about all I could ever ask for! 😀       I’m here to share the secret formulas, and help to start making you the type of cheese you truly desire!
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