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Welcome to

       My name is Rick Martinez, and this will be my own personal best website for reviews, that I will talk about in detail and break down different topics that interest me, and hopefully might be of service and interest to you too.

  I will be honest and forthcoming in my opinions and reviews for this website at
My goal is to help people, ranging from topics such as… how to start a blog w wordpress, or how to….

rank a local website for a small business.
So,  who exactly am I,  well let me start by first saying that I have learned so much from other bloggers, online entrepreneurs, marketers, media moguls, affiliate marketers, seo experts, and I plan to share what I have learned and pass this knowledge on to you, the reader.

I happen to own a brick and mortar business, a t shirt printing shop.  I stumbled across seo, and started dabbing in building a website for this business.  With some link building, on page optimization and some local business seo knowledge, I pretty much dominate for my local terms regarding my business.
Then a light went on in my head…. I got pretty good, and started to love seo.  Then I took on some local clients for local and national terms.  These local clients came to me through word of mouth, and at first I was hesitant in taking on customers as far as me helping them build websites, and rank them for their money keywords.
I also have an ecommerce website that ranks for certain money keywords that sells products such as mens and womens body shapers.  I get the order, I then call to place the order, and the company drop ships directly to the customer, I never have any contact with the customer.  And I net about 50% profit.
Beautiful if I don’t say so myself.

The key factor is learning some sort of seo, can be instrumental in getting your blog, site to rank.
I am not going to just create low quality articles, hoping to pick up a few links and trying to fool google.
I am going to create truly great content, package it up into lots of formats, and share it with the people who need it most.

I also plan on helping small business rank their business for their respective keywords to help drive

traffic to their site, thus helping them make more business.
Some main topics I plan on covering include:
-Building local citations
-Social Fortress
-Building Web 2.0’s
-on page optimization for seo
-content and seo strategy for your local small business

Most seo’s get it wrong by pumping out content for the primary sake of just building links, while most content marketers get it wrong by putting out great content with little regard for optimisation.
I live in the intersection between great seo and content marketing.

That is how we will google-proof, search engine proof and future proof our work.  Please understand that this strategy takes work.

Nothing worthwhile comes easy. Reviews I plan to blog about include:

-Best Free Website building platforms

-Best Website Hosting services  (Bluehost Review)

-Best Website Hosting for PBN’s (easyblognetwork)

And in this clouded industry I will shed some light in the following topics as well:

*How to Really make money online (Tecademics Review)

*Best Affiliate products to promote

*Best MLM (multi level marketing) Companies to Join

(I’ll cut through the bull crap that is choking the industry In this smog infested industry, I’ll be the breath of fresh air that will cut through the crap, so you can make a clear and good decision. )

As well as tutorials on SEO, and Local Seo, Link building.

Once Again thank you for reading , If you’ve read this far that means your really digging my stuff, in that case, leave me a comment, or connect with me on facebook and let me know how I can be of service.

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