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Best Bluehost Review

Welcome to this Bluehost review.

Below you will find the transcription for the Bluehost Review video.

Welcome to the new and improved Bluehost review.
We just launched some exciting changes So we made this video to show you how things are.  Don’t worry all of your favorite tools are
still here.  We just made it easier to find and use.  For starters, we cleaned things up a bit.  Now instead of those old tabs, you will find
a simplified menu that makes a lot more sense.  Your control panel is front and center, and
we’ve added a new sub menu, that links to the tools you use the most, such as email or ftp.  Domains are easier to manage too.  Domains and all the tools you need are right at the top.  Bluehost has also added new account features.  My products, lets you see all your extra features at a glance.  And now you have the option of creating several
passwords for your account.  Each with different levels of access.  Make one just for billing and payments settings, or one for cpanel access only.  And of course , you always have the master
password, unlocking access to your entire account.  So, that’s pretty much it.  New services are added to your cart here and
if you ever need a hand, our help center is always located at the top so you can find it fast.  These Bluehost changes set the stage for many
exciting new features were announcing in the coming months.  So stay tuned and enjoy your new streamlined Bluehost  reviews.