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Tecademics Review

Hey, this is a review on a Internet marketing business that is really enabling internet marketers and brick and mortar business owners to be successfull with their cutting edge insightful information.  Chris Records explains himself in this video.  Here is his Tecademics review.

Here is the transcript for video of Chris Records reviewing Tecademics,  enjoy. 🙂

What’s up everybody Chris record here and I just want to hang with you guys
for a few minutes
I’ve got a lot of work to do today but i wanted to come with you and just just
hang with you or maybe let’s say 15 minutes and i want to discuss a very
important topic which is the idea of being able to create more abundance and
more wealth in your life this is something that I truly believe from the
bottom of my heart that a lot of people struggle with and there’s a way to be
able to overcome that struggle overcome that sort of financial burden that we
all find ourselves in so this training is for you if you’re considering
watching this 15 or 20 minutes this is for you if number one if you’re
struggling at all financially if you could use a little more money to pay
more bills to be able to help with car payments house payments food to be able
to fix things be able to pay off debt if you’re anybody at all that’s struggling
financially and you haven’t been able to figure that out i would love to be able
to offer some help and some ideas to you on this training is also for anybody
that’s a part of my tech Adem xpro Graham Tecademics is a school that
teaches internet marketing it teaches you how to be able to brand yourself
build up a big social media following and everything online so this is for you
if you’re in any one of those groups this is also for you if you are an
entrepreneur somebody who wants to learn how to be able to create traffic to

be able to capture more leads and be able to convert sales for your business so

you fit in any of those categories then this training is for you
so here’s one do I want to hang with you guys for a few minutes and just talk to
you about the idea of making money online i want to break it down a very
simple level right now and and then after bringing on a simple level let’s
dive in and let’s talk about what are some basics you could do right now what
are some basics you can do immediately so first things first most of you
probably know me because this is a facebook live that is on my facebook
profile but some of you might not so the very very quick version is I was
somebody who was struggling financially i was somebody who was broke I was

entrepreneur with the dream but I never really can make money
I was a high school dropout so since I was a dropout I just couldn’t really see
that a traditional job would work for me
I dropped out in the ninth grade hung out with very bad kids I was a
troublemaker I basically my life was all over the place then what i did was i ran
into some people that I called my mentors some people that were mentors to
me that basically told me and showed me that even though I I had a bad

even though i dropped out that I could still be successful and they basically
coached me they introduced me to a world that’s called personal development i
started reading books every single day started listening to audios you know cds
just really personal development i would go to the library and read for years on
us for hours on end right i would just saturate my mind with personal
development over time I change my belief patterns i was no longer a high

dropout kid with no experience who struggles to now I was an entrepreneur
who’s going to figure it out i still didn’t have any money but i knew that i
was going to figure it out and that’s exactly what i wanted to do so I went on
this entrepreneurial journey most of which was a lot of failures and trial
and error but some of which was a lot of success eventually ended up in my
thirties and made millions of dollars okay but all of my twenties was
essentially my learning curve so that was like a decade of just trying
different opportunities trying to sell stuff like that it took me up until
about my thirties before I really start making money i make it here with you
guys and get get a little bit just straightforward and straight real with
you want to get really honest and transparent so that’s my story my story
is I was a driven entrepreneur who wanted success but didn’t know how to go
about it i found some mentors and i joined the different business
opportunities none of which really worked but then I finally cracked the
code and started making millions online once i started figuring out how to make
millions of dollars i had a passion on my heart to teach other people how to do
it so for the last like three years I’ve been teaching people anybody it doesn’t
really matter who you are
let’s say you’re a single mom right now in Kansas and you’re busy with kids and
you know you could barely make ends meet i would love to be able to help you
let’s say that you’re a real estate agent and you know you really want to
brand yourself but you’re out there spending a lot of money and not
converting sales yet i would love to be able to help you
let’s say that you are a network marketer somebody who
has been in company after company somebody who who loves the industry but
who just hasn’t figured out how to break through you just want to get your

on the leaderboard you just want to break through and get a higher rank i
would love to help you okay
no matter what your Snyder who you are let’s say that right now you’re just
watching this and you’re like many people which is what the heck does this
guy Chris record do to make money
many people are trying to figure it out right it maybe you like that maybe like
what is this guy Chris record do to make money
well regardless of which group you’re in I would love to help you it’s my passion
to be able to help you so that’s what I’m gonna do right now is I’m just going
to talk from the heart to share with you very impromptu and very personal and
just give you guys some ideas on how to make money so let me share with you

of the one of the ways that one of my income streams right now is about 200 to
300,000 dollars a month in income and it’s not passive but it’s very close to
being passive a couple hundred thousand dollars a month that um that literally I
that all i could be anywhere in the world as long as I have a laptop
I can be anywhere in the world and I can basically just login for about 10
minutes a day and make a couple hundred thousand dollars a month so that’s

we’re gonna start with we’re going to start with that technique right now to
open your mind to the idea that more monies available out there
okay now first things first for some of you it’s going to be difficult to
believe that because for some of you right now you may be making like $2,000
month or 3,000 or 4,000 dollars a month income and it might seem impossible

think that you can jump two hundred thousand dollars a month and you know
what I’m not suggesting that you will
ok there’s no I can’t I can’t help you i can’t guarantee you that you will I can
guide you and show you what’s worked for me and then you can try to figure it

for you so here’s what here’s one of the ways that i generate over a hundred
thousand dollars a month consistently okay here’s how he is i do pay close
attention even if your brand new beginner pay close attention what i did
was i built an email list which is a subscriber list a bunch of people
subscribed to receive emails from me and then what I do is I said that list
emails that are valuable that add value to their life like hey here’s something
free here’s some free value here’s some free value and every fourth or fifth


I will promote something now what I’ll promote to them is some kind of a
product or service or training that they can buy and when they buy it i earn a
ok this is called affiliate marketing so literally I built up an email list and
what I do is I built the email list and then once the email list are be big i
started serving value to it once you got big I started selling products to it but
first before we go any further I delivered a lot of value to this list
now i built an email list i started selling affiliate products that list
that’s really and then the affiliate products i promote they pay me $MONEY
commissions so an example is my go to amazon.com and I might promote a

book an
entrepreneur book to my list so what I might do is like every day for five days

I recommend a different book ok here’s my book review whatever and then

offer a
link to Amazon where they can buy the book when they click that link it’s an
affiliate link so when they go to amazon and they buy the book i get paid a
commission on the book and I get paid a commission on anything else that they
put in their cart so they go and buy a flat screen TV i get paid a commission
on that too if they go by you know some clothing or some food i get paid on that
amazon.com is an affiliate program so I build a big email list and then I find
amazon products and promote it to my list
the problem is amazon is pays very little Commission’s ok but the concept
is the same i built a big email list subscriber list and I promote affiliate
offers so then you gotta move on from amazon instead of amazon you’ve got to
find other types of offers to be able to promote so now it starts to get a little

bit exciting
okay check this out i joined a company named jvzoo KJ v stands for joint
venture the word zoo is like you know full of animals jvzoo ok jvzoo has
what’s called digital products
what this means is that these are courses that people can buy that will
teach them stuff like how to do facebook ads how to make money online or

how to sell stuff how to do ecommerce whatever it is it’ll be tons of courses
that will teach them a skill so watch what i did i built an email list of
network marketers real estate agents small business owners basically anybody
who works for themselves i built an email list of all of that audience and
then what I did was I started teaching that email list stuff for free even if I
didn’t teach it i would recommend a YouTube video or i’d recommend a arm I’d
go to pinterest and I find an infographic and i would share that I
would go to youtube and share video i would go to a blog post and i would
share the blog post i would share other people’s content to my list my
subscriber list of entrepreneurs and then what i would do is i would go to JV
zoo and I would find a course maybe a hundred-dollar course that teaches
facebook advertising and then what I would do without promote that course to
that same email list when they buy that hundred-dollar course jvzoo my cut
it’s like 50 bucks ok so it doesn’t seem like a lot of money i built an email
list of entrepreneurs I found good quality courses that i could promote to
them and I would make about fifty percent of the Commission’s ok so
literally fifty dollars per sale now you might not think that’s a lot but I
figured out a way to get about a thousand people to buy it
ok so pay attention what would it be like if you had an email list that you
can get a thousand people to buy a product that paid you fifty dollars
Commission’s you didn’t have to fulfill the product you didn’t have to create
any sales pages you don’t have to create any sales funnels nothing
all you get is a little affiliate link and you write an email so let’s say
you’re in bora-bora out to ET just chillin in one of those little Hut’s
over the water and you got your laptop you go take a swim
you go you go snorkeling you go scuba diving and then you come back to your
little hot you open up your laptop you get on the internet and what you do is
you send an email to your list and that email explained to them how you found
this how you’re out in Bora Bora and your businesses on autopilot because you
learned how to play spacebook abs and there’s a course that you recommend

how to place facebook ads and here it is and you drop a link to it everybody
reading the emails going man I want to be like that person i would love to be
in bora-bora
I would love to be on my computer I would love to go to work anywhere in the
world i would love to be able to travel
that’s what they start saying so what happens is then they buy that product
and when they spend that hundred bucks buying that product you make 50 of it
so next thing you know you get a hundred people to buy it 200 500,000 people

you get better your income goes up now here’s the best part you do this on the
side of your day-to-day job so you’re working your regular job okay you’re
working your nine to five job your job is paying your bills they pay close
attention this is what i did for three years I had a job that paid a salary and
i worked a job in about an hour a day on the side i started learning how to build
a list
ok and i started learning how to promote offers to it in about an hour day now I
started making money pretty soon I was making more money from my email list
then I was making from my job i was making $MONEY over ten thousand dollars
a month for my email list and I was only making a thousand dollars a month for

job honey
what I did was I started saving the money all the money I made for my
business i reinvested i reinvested all that i didn’t even live off the money i
lived off my day job and i reinvested my profits back into growing my list bigger
so what happened was I started with you know my first person on my list then I
got 5 subscribers 10 subscribers a hundred subscribers
pretty soon I kept reinvesting back into advertising marketing and pretty soon I
built that email list to about a hundred thousand subscribers now I’m gonna

you a statistic when you become an affiliate marketer when you learn about
this here’s this statistic that will kind of makes sense for you once you
want you in this place every subscriber on your list it when you get good every
subscriber on your list should be able to net you an average of one dollar per
subscriber per month
ok if you’re taking notes write this down one dollar per subscriber per month
which means if i have a hundred thousand person list and i’m good i should be
able to make one hundred thousand dollars per month from that list if I’m
good now if I’m not good
then i might basically butcher my list and try to sell them so much stuff that
they just they’re annoyed by it and they don’t even want to open my emails okay
that’s what I’m not good if i’m good i should be able to get one dollar per
month per subscriber if I’m really good i should be able to get two to three
dollars per month per subscriber and that’s why i’m at my list generates an
average of 200 to 300,000 dollars per month on and i have a hundred thousand
persons list even if I don’t ever build another person on my list as long as I
go to keep delivering value see here’s another key i want to teach you deliver
value to your list okay because when you deliver value it does what’s called the
KLT factor que el t know like trust know what that means is the case stands

no stands for know you okay you want people to get to know you like you and
trust you
we call this the KLT factor know you like you and trust you
so when you have a big email list you want to tell them stories you want to
say hey Here I am in my backyard in scottsdale arizona and i’m writing this
email to you because I want to share something completely free with you today
one of my mentors Chris record taught me a strategy about list building and

how to make a hundred thousand dollars a month from an email list and right

what I want to do is I want to share this with you this strategy with you and
share to you absolutely free
nothing by I just want to deliver straight value see you’re watching this
live stream if you have an email list you could turn around and write an email
from your backyard right now and send it out to your list your list would love
you because you’re delivering free value to them something that’s enriching

lives and once they know you like you and trust you then they will trust your
recommendation of products when you recommend a software for them to buy
they will trust you and they’ll buy it when you recommend a course for them to
buy they will trust you and they will buy it so if you earn their trust by
delivering value to them they will trust you eventually and then you’ll be able
to market to them so in nothing in a nutshell one of the ways that I’ve used
to be able to generate a hundred thousand dollars a month online almost
passively from anywhere in the world from
laptop is that i built a big email list and then I and I find affiliate offers
and I promote those affiliate offers that list and I also promote a lot of
value now you guys if that was it that was valuable to you hit the like button
but hit the I hit the hearts and like so quick that was not evil i’m gonna give
you guys one more tidbit and then i gotta jump off gonna go outside to get
this tidbit this is my view right now it’s my view right here while we’re
doing the live stream get some get some likes if you guys like this view really
quick and then i’ll give you guys one more tidbit we’re gonna jump off you
guys think it’s pretty beautiful you’re right one more tidbit we’re going to
jump off
check it out little bar stools in there got the barbecue out here and check it
out but shipping green and the Cipollini chip it over the pool and land over
there on the putting green got the hot with sunset views when the Sun Goes

the sunsets right there you guys like it i hope you guys enjoyed that video now
i’m gonna give you another tidbit right now okay you ready i got another
valuable valuable valuable tidbit for you i’m trying to find where the sun’s
not blocking me completely all right so listen up listen up
how do you build a 100,000 person list that can generate a dollar per month
right how can you build that well guess what I’ve done the work for you
this is I’ve been teaching people this for years of people don’t do it so I
said you know what let me create a system that i can actually plug people
into that will build a massive list for them and then let me find some affiliate
offers that they can promote and that’s exactly what this is
teka demux school for internet marketing where sky is the limit where you can

create as much income and abundance as you desire so here’s how you do it in

a nutshell you ready you guys ready pay attention you can join teka demux for
it’s absolutely free to be able to join k we do have products for sale i
encourage you buy them
it’s definitely valuable but you can joint economic
for free all you gotta do is find an affiliate one of my affiliates there’s
someone out there go find an affiliate and you can join through them or you can
join directly by going to TECA demux dot-com u-joint academics as a free
member you login and we have a section called links there’s a section called
links where you can get your own affiliate links now here’s the deal
all you do is you give away free training that’s it
remember I said free free free free you give away free training to everybody and
when they in order to access the training they have to become a member of
yours they login at economics they become a member they will show up on
your members roster AKA your list so all you have to do is go give away free
ok give away free training that’s literally all you have to do I will do
all the teaching i will provide you with the system you get your link you just go
give away free training you go you go find people interested go find
entrepreneurs interested in learning how to create traffic capture leads

sales find people instead making money online and give them the link you build
your your members list right there pretty soon we’ll be one member five
members ten a hundred a thousand ten thousand and 200,000 ok you’re going

grow over time then what you do is normally I said find affiliate offers
and promoted but get this i will email that list for you you don’t even have to
write emails you don’t have to do anything all you do is find people that
want to be free members i will write emails and i will send them out to the
list encouraging those people to purchase our products and services and
when they do you will get the credit as the affiliate you will earn up to forty
percent commissions you will earn up to 4800 dollars for every single referral
this is big money
ok we will start by giving them value treating all these people very very
valuable very very valuable
ok there’s nothing right now better than free value literally nothing
ok that’s what you want to start with you want to start with free value give
away free value and then after you give away free value
then what will happen is i will email and i will offer those same people our
100 dollar per month product if they buy that product you will earn up to forty
dollars per month recurring commissions then i will offer them our two

dollar product if they buy that product you will earn up to eight hundred
dollars commissions for every single one then i will offer them the internet
marketing education we have which is a school a school where they can

purchase the tuition they can come in person to take classes with us
that is a ten-thousand-dollar package a ten-thousand-dollar tuition for two
people when they purchase that you can earn up to four thousand dollars in
commissions for every single sale
all you have to do is joint economics for free right now and start referring
free members by giving away valuable training go in there go to the free training section start going through it yourself learn what’s in there and go share with people that’s all you have to do you give away free value to the world you get them inside as a member and Tecademics that is your email list I will email that list on your behalf you don’t even have to or you can export your
members and you can email them yourself but i will email those people for you
and I will basically tell them about our hundred dollar-a-month product or 2,000
our product and our 10,000 our product if and when they purchase those products.

You will be there referring affiliate you stand the opportunity to earn up to forty percent commissions and then what I’ll do is I will literally after that what I will literally do is I will also give you a challenge if you follow my system I’m gonna issue a three-year challenge if you follow my system i will
give you up to three years to earn your first $100,000 as an affiliate marketer
promoting teka demux when you earn your first $100,000 i will give you a
one-hundred-thousand-dollar cash bonus so as soon as you a hundred thousand
dollars your income is going to double to two hundred thousand dollars i’m
literally going to do that for you earn a hundred thousand i will match it and give you a hundred thousand then in the same 36 months I’ve got my matching
millions challenge which means when you earn 1 million dollars in commissions
I will match
shit and i will give you an additional $MONEY million-dollar cash bonus so you
can earn a hundred-thousand-dollar cash bonus and a million-dollar cash bonus
and you might be thinking how can I do this well these products and i’m selling
our digital products so they have very low overhead we’re paying out about
forty percent of the field so even if we doubled that even if we doubled your
commission from a $MONEY million-dollars 22 million dollars
what is it if you double 40-percent you would be doubling it to 80-percent we’re
still profitable you realize i can afford to pay you these big bonuses this is a win-win situation
I give you the tools the training and the resources you go out there and build
a big massive list with TECAMICS REVIEW.

I will market to them and sell them to be
able to help and assist you when you were in a hundred thousand dollars cash
I’ll give you another hundred thousand when you are in a million i’ll give you
another $MONEY million dollars that’s the name of the game you guys so here
is your next step
even if you’re brand-new be joint academics today for free you can find an
affiliate of hours i would love for you to join through an affiliate I don’t
want anybody posting links here in this thread this is a neutral thread but you
can join through an affiliate go find an affiliate that represents economics and
you can join through them or you can go directly to TECA demux dot-com and
you can join there as well joint economics go through the free training start
learning start getting on
these livestreams start learning how to build your list
don’t quit your day job do not quit your day job ok don’t quit
what I want to do right now is I want you to focus on learning as much of this
as you can there’s some free training inside there and then there are products
for sale as well we have a hundred other product a two-thousand-dollar product
and a ten-thousand-dollar product i would love for you to also on those products
as well ok there’s many people those those are our lead members those people
are stepping up to next level we now have a free level we have a free level
gives you some free training a hundred dollar-a-month level a
two-thousand-dollar level and a ten-thousand-dollar level if you own all
of them you are an elite member with us and I do all kinds of mastermind stuff
Arlene members so that’s it you guys when you come in for free or whether you
come all in we’d love to have you on board ok we’d love to have you on board so with that being said Chris Records CEO and founder of TECA demux where sky is the limit we look forward to seeing you inside the members arebeing able to see your name on the leaderboards hopefully you enjoyed this review on Tecademics.  I look forward to another review  for you this weekend.
Take care