tecademics scam review

Tecademics Review – Great Business or a Scam?

Tecademics Review

Tecademics Reviews

Tecademics is known as the College of Internet Marketing. It is a unique innovation in the world of multi-level marketing that crosses the barriers between products, services, and training. On the outside, it is an MLM affiliate company. ... Finding honest reviews of the product can be difficult.

“The internet marketing community is a very dynamic place with ideas and strategies that are constantly changing like the wind. But there is one constant and that is what works, that is Tecademics.”

tecademics scam reviewWelcome to this Review on Tecademics.

You’re here because you want to know if Tecademics is indeed a scam or can it possibly be not only legit, but an awesome way to make money online.

Well you will soon find out in this thorough and honest Tecademics Review by yours truly.  🙂

Tecademics is known as the College of Internet Marketing. It is a unique innovation in the world of multi-level marketing that crosses the barriers between products, services, and training. On the outside, it is an MLM affiliate company. … Finding honest reviews of the product can be difficult…. Until Now!

Tecademics provides the products, they provide the training, they are going to serve the people in the industry.
And all you have to do is employ Tecademics strategic funnels.  This is just one of the industries that Tecademics is tapping into.

What is Tecademics?

TecAdemics is a brand new affiliate program, a new model of online education created and owned by Chris Record a 8-figure earner and internet entrepreneur, one of the most respected online marketers. … TecAdemics is where Technology and Academic education meet.

Now you’ve probably heard all the buzz on the internet about this and with good reason.
So before we get into this review let me really quickly what I do.
I am in the business of internet marketing, also as what I like to call it “digital entrepreneurship”  and I’m pretty fascinated by this so I’m going full speed in learning from the best marketers in the world.

Using specific tactics and strategies I am using from Tecademics has allowed me to scale my business to more money per month, than most people make in a year. I’m not saying this to brag,
instead I want to show you the possibilities that  you too can do this.  I had the right knowledge to do certain things in a certain way and I truly believe Tecademics will help you in achieving financial freedom in all aspects of your life.

So if you’re ready to start then jump on this opportunity as It will go away soon.

Meet Tecademics Top Producing Team

The Four Percent Group is a money generation system that has been 4 percent group vick strizheusdeveloped by Vick Strizheus.  You will learn how to create campaigns that will have you earning money in a short amount of time.

“With Vick, you are armed to the gills to not only just make money, but  finally have your financial freedom that you and your family deserves.”

It doesn’t matter what kind of marketing experience you may currently have (you can be a complete newbie with no idea of how to go about internet marketing) – this training will walk you through the entire process.  Click below to join Now!

join tecademics now


     So now I am going to explain to you what actually is Tecademics, and what does it consists of.

I will also show you  how you can start living an exciting  life of digital entrepreneur like you’ve never thought  was possible and trust me the possibilities with TeCademics are endless.

Let’s just say that you are looking to start selling and promoting stuff online.

Or perhaps, you want to create a membership website and teach people around the world anything you are good at while getting paid every single month passively.

Or maybe you wanna open an ecommerce store and sell hundreds of products without even seeing or touching the product… all these options are unlocked and possible with Tecademics.

All of this you training and knowledge from Tecademics you cannot and will not find or learn this stuff at any school or college.

Tecademics is the first, all-around, under one roof,  world-class education and training system specifically designed for digital marketers and business owners alike.

Tecademics was created by Chris Record and other top internet marketers who are constantly crushing it online, not because they have some kind of superpower or they’re somehow smarter than you.

Nope it is simply because they do certain things in a certain way. Period.

Now … let me tell you that once you get it, it becomes crystal clear how things are done by these successful online entrepreneurs, and is frankly, pretty darn simple and pretty cool if you ask me.

Also,  you can model it to what ever niche you are in and see awesome results pretty much instantly.   Understand that one of the main reasons why TeCademics was founded by Chris Record was because there is a major problem on the market at the moment and that is massive overwhelming information of online education.

If you have been marketing online then I’m pretty sure you  know what I’m talking about because there are so many people, the  so called “gurus” that are teaching with never-ending pitches and upsells and it all  becomes very confusing, and pretty much frustrates the crap out of newbie entrepreneurs.

Where Tecademics fits perfectly and excels is that it is specifically formulated to bridge the gap in the industry by offering cutting-edge education to entrepreneurs and digital marketers using their curriculums.


Having said that you can see that  it really doesn’t matter if you are beginner, intermediate or an expert.   Again it means that in each course you take you will start with the FOUNDATION and after that, add a layer more, till you reach advanced levels.

Tecademics breaks down the advanced stuff with the excellent online training and this is the reason and biggest difference between people not making any money online and other individuals that are making bank with this training from Tecademics.

Once again, not because they are smarter it’s just because they do certain things in a certain, in a tested and tried way.

Ok, so the core of Tecademics consists of three levels of education the first one being… TEC.   It is the first product and is short for tech.  It runs one hundred dollars per month and what it does it gives you access to weekly training from experts on a weekly basis.   You also get updated continuous cutting edge crucial and vital information about what’s working now.

For example let’s just say that Facebook comes out with something new….   like live streaming and suddenly it’s available to everybody.

Well what we’ll do is we’ll have our experts study and figure out how does this live streaming work how can Tecademics members use it and how will it be valuable to your business.    Then perhaps the following week we’ll have an updated educational session that you can attend about how to implement ‘facebook live’ streaming into your business by having this fresh content on a week-to-week basis

This valuable information allows us to be able to push what’s working now out to the community to give you the best chance of success.   The Entrpreneur Club is our opportunity to keep everybody up to date with what’s fresh and what’s new.

Now you don’t only get access to these online weekly training but you also get access to 24 7 365 days a year, with  a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Because with Tecademics you’re in business for yourself but not by yourself.

So what Tec has  done is they have structured the world’s leading community of entrepreneurs everywhere.   It’s all part of an online forum and you can go in there and choose a category and a topic and begin having conversations with like-minded entrepreneurs.

For example:  let’s say that you’re into e-commerce, so  what you would do is you would log into our online forum and you would choose the category of e-commerce and maybe dive in a little bit further and choose the category of amazon and inside of there you’d be able to network with and ask questions to interact with lots of other entrepreneurs that also have an interest in working with amazon.

This is your opportunity to be able to mastermind with and find accountability and get updated training and ask questions inside of a private community with like minded folks such as yourself,  in it to win.

More Importantly is that this community is also fueled by gamification so the more that everybody interacts the more badges that you’ll begin to unlock.

So what’s happening now  is that everybody is willing and able to share and are very active in helping out one another.

This will be something that is thriving where you can come in and not only ask questions and get help but you will be incentivized to be able to help others as well.   This is a true community where we all help each other to succeed, so like I said, this  product is called Tec- the entrepreneur club and sells for $100 per month.

The next product is IMPACT, a full-blown home study course narrated by the one and only…… Chris Record himself.

This particular product I fell in love with, and will  introduce you to  our home study course.

It is called IMPACT for a reason, as  we call it impact for mainly 2 reasons.

1.)  We strongly believe that this product will make a huge impact for every person around the world but also because it’s an acronym.

The acronym of impact stands for:Internet Marketing Principles And Core Training

Here’s exactly what this is,  this home study course is a foundational training product that is  all about internet marketing.

Teaching basically about how to make money in a variety of different strategies, but it’s not just me unloading on you it’s me working with a team of PhDs to develop a very structured curriculum that is design to give you a foundation so that as you start learning.  Nothing is over your head.

Tecademics is going  to teach you all of the principles that will still be good a year from now, two years from now.   Tecademics wants to teach you the Foundation of how exactly to make money.

They will teach you the terminology and what are the various ways to make money.   Maybe you’re a stay-at-home spouse.  and you’re maybe staying at home with the kids and you only have an hour a day to be able to build your online business.

This course will help you identify what ways can you make money legitimately and working from home in about an hour a day or maybe you’re a business owner and you’ve got a small local business and you want to get more people to your local brick and mortar business this course will help you develop a foundational principle based strategy to be able to get more people to your business to be able to get you more traffic more leads and more sales.

The main idea here is that I am going to develop my most structured course ever called impact internet marketing principles and core training.   It will sell for two thousand dollars and it’s designed to be  like an encyclopedia of internet marketing.  This product  is phenomenal.

We’re very excited about this product and I will ensure that it ishigh-quality top-notch and worth every single dollar.

O.K.  so the last one always gives me chills because there’s nothingeven remotely similar and also like this May I present you Masters tuition.

All right now I’m excited to tell you about our third product which is our flagship product.   This is an actual tuition to attend our College in person as well as be able to watch all of our classes online our third product is called the Masters tuition.  The Masters tuition gives you 120 hours of in-person education as well as access to our video classroom as well as every time that we end up doing live streaming at some of our colleges you get access to that as well.

Not only do you get access to an entire year of Education but you also get one additional year to be able to repeat any classes that you took.  Our school at Tecademics will start in Arizona,  and will end up expanding our campus all across the United States and even International we’ve we also plan on  being in Europe, Canada and even in South America, as well as in Australia.   We plan on being all over the world wherever the demand is so if you’re reading this and you’re someone international that lives abroad,  trust me there will be a time where we will probably end up coming to your area.

As the demand grows, we grow, but we’re going to start with our home base in Arizona now.   Hopefully you’ll have the ability to be able to purchase tuition and come and join us but even if you’re not able to attend in person just remember you can always watch the classes in the video classroom from the comfort of your own home.

So that is our third product the Masters tuition and  it sells for $10,000.   A one-time fee and gives you access to the highest quality education in the entire marketplace when it comes to internet marketing.   Now that we went through all three products I wanna point out to you what are the perks and possibilities can be.

After you finish your Tecademics tuition it’s already been proven and stated that the possibilities are absolutely amazing.

First of all you can become a great digital marketer and affiliate to any program and sell digital products online getting paid every single day working from home and the only thing you need is a laptop and internet connection.

Secondly,   is you learn  and can get great help to set up and run profitable ecommerce store from the ground up and sell hundreds of products without you actually handling and shipping products.

Another option, (is one that I am personally doing) is to open a digital agency where you can run marketing and advertising for other businesses and get paid huge Commission’s every single month and that this pretty simple once you learn how to do that inside Tecademics.

You can become a solopreneur and open up whatever business you want online,  when you understand the concept of successful marketing online.

Become a consultant and help people by advising people with things you struggled before,  will now be like a walk in the park because you will get certification in all marketing areas.

Which means there will always be like minded people like yourself that are willing to pay thousands of dollars for advice and directions.

Now I still haven’t talked about the brilliant compensation plan tecademics has to offer.   I’ve saved this for the last you will see while you’re going through learning phase inside of  tecademics you can promote straight away  and make some of the highest commissions on the market right now and totally pay off your tuition.

Now how’s that for an awesome college,   So imagine how many people like to put their hands on this and make a shift in their life and in their business.

So not only can make some good money promoting you will actually help people on so many levels when promoting you can make up to 40% on every product you’ve sold which means you can get $40 every single month recurring for every TEC sale, $800 for Impact and up to $4000 on masters tuition another great bonus also is once any Tecademics affiliate earns $100,000 in commissions they’re paid an additional $100,000 for a 100% match when Tecademics affiliate hits a million dollars in earnings they again receive another million dollars bonus from Tecademics.

You must have those earnings within 36 months from joining to qualify, which means you have three years to hit that goal.  It’s not impossible, I’m going to show you how to do this.

If this  doesn’t make you super excited,  nothing will I promise you that,  but why stop there.   At this moment you can sign up for FREE as an ambassador in Tecademics and get instant access to a dozen of high-quality trainings that will put you on the track of what’s working right now in the market place.

I encourage you to do that because I’ve seen trainings personally and they’re better than a lot of stuff a lot of paid stuff you can find online so by personal advice to you is to watch 1 to maximum 2 trainings per day.

Who is Chris Record?


tecademics by chris record

What is TecAdemics?  Glad you asked, it is a new internet marketing college created to allow you to learn  about online entrepreneurship, or to really make money online, no bullshit.

The University, founded by none other than Chris Record himself is taking aim at bringing to the masses, or to people that want a better life for themselves,  top quality education for both online marketers and business persons alike.

     Back when Chris manifested this genious wealth of knowledge, he had the idea in mind to provide a formal education that will allow online newbies around the world to discover a better with up to date online marketing skills and strategies. Tecademics motivation was brought upon because he knew there was no  formal education program that existed online or offline.   Also a lot of entrepreneurs were in fact doing almost everything completely wrong and there was no one to guide them on the correct way to do so. I must tell you that it’s like Chris was able to read the minds of so many frustrated online entrepreneurs as I was once also stranded, feeling left out of anything I did, trying to figure out the best product for my entrepreneurial efforts.


When I first came across Chris Record was at an Empower Network  gathering back in 2013, I also discovered that he  had something amazing brewing and couldn’t wait to unleash. Eventually, it has dawned on us. From the first glimpse at the guy, you could easily  tell that this person was going to reach higher levels very quickly. And today, he is infact a master online entrepreneur with an incredible 8 figure income.

Chris Record has collaborated with various other recognizable names such as Jim Piccolo who launched a number of online programs in the realm  of real estate while earning billions of dollars. Even though Chris Record’s online educational program isn’t a network marketing firm, he has made it possible for the company’s members to get a pay cut by taking part in TecAdemics genourous affiliate program. You’ll discover more about this next.

So many top affiliates are aboard this huge money making vessel, including big names such as Vick Strizheus, Troy Shanks, Justin Verrengia, Peter Sorenson and Frank Calabro.

What is Tecademics about?


As I said before, TecAdemics is taking aim at uplifting the entrepreneurial knowledge of internet marketers all over, so they can multiply their income a thousand fold. The program itself offers several levels of  education to the members on three different levels as well.


     Internet and social media marketing strategies are taking a completely different turn which has affected the growth and scaling of online business by entrepreneurs. So many entrepreneurs are struggling to implement contemporary strategies and marketing concepts with true results.

Chris Record noted that the challenges faced by the entrepreneurs are as a result of nothing other than lack of high quality and structured online entrepreneurship education in the industry. TecAdemics (Internet Marketing College) is specifically formulated to fill the gap or void in the industry by offering high quality education to entrepreneurs.

The program’s courses are taught by professionals who not only understand the theory bit but also are experts at practicing what they teach. Since they are practicing whatever they teach, each time they are able to come up with the most up to date concepts that are applicable in the market.

Moreover, TecAdemics classes are consistently updated and uniquely structured and presented to facilitate learning, retention as well as success of the students. Chris Record says that this program will open a new page in the world of entrepreneurship by empowering every entrepreneur with the essential knowledge to change their internet marketing game plan.

The solution to entrepreneurship problem:


The problem with the world of online entrepreneurship is loads of information which finally end up confusing entrepreneurs. Each day a new product or software ventures in with the promise of multiplying the returns of entrepreneurs by a hundredfold. I’ve been a victim of such tricks, bought and even promoted the products. Looking back at the loads of products I’ve tried out, it all dawns to so much confusing information without a proper direction of what is aimed and how it is going to be achieved.

TecAdemics comes in with a completely different approach to solve the problem of information overload. The program employs something referred to as Instructional System Design (ISD). This is a taxonomy that’s used by all major universities globally to teach students with regard to science of education.

What TecAdemics did was to assemble curriculum developers with experience from the top universities and taught them about the up to date methods employed by the highly successful online entrepreneurs. This gave rise to a learning technology (Tec) and a brand new class of internet marketing educational program that makes use of mastery learning techniques (Ademics).

What you see here then is bridging of the gap existing between traditional learning practices and the ‘guru’ education practice. That’s the solution that TecAdemics is all about. On my personal perspective, this is something that I’m proud to be associated with. It entails a breakdown of actually what is taught, how it taught and why it is different from the rest.

TecAdemics educational program levels:

The program members and students from around the globe attending the classes. Let’s have a look at the three products:

1) TEC

This is The Entrepreneur Club, TecAdemics basic program level. At a price of $100 per month you get access to a lot of the benefits that the club has to offer, including access to the online forum and discuss entrepreneurial issues with like-minded marketers.

TEC offers foundational education which also features weekly training, participation I interactive forums and interaction with the highly qualified online tutors. Actually, it’s not a place flooded with rookies as I first thought before joining it. Trust me, there’s nothing as annoying as a place fully loaded with newbies who are expecting to learn from one another. TEC is NOT that place!

You will have access to different topics from which you can choose what to learn. These include:

  • Internet marketing.
  • E-commerce
  • Facebook advertisement
  • Leads generation
  • Google Adwords
  • YouTube marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Social media presence
  • Dropshipping, etc.


Next on the list of products is Internet Marketing Principles and Core Training going at a onetime fee of $2,000.

This is a collection of advanced study courses that go in deeper depth, mostly suitable for advanced marketers.

Basically, IMPACT is a video taught by Chris Record himself… so you get the chance to move at your desired pace. There will be lesson mastery as well as quizzes before the future lessons are unlocked. It’s actually more of an educational experience. You advance to the next level after successfully tackling your current level. Let’s say it is more academia!


This is TecAdemics top shelf program level offered at a onetime fee of $10,000. This program includes a training session lasting for a week in Arizona scheduled every 3 months.

MASTER Tuition is meant for those tech marketers who are ready to make partnerships and collaborations with the realest in marketing game. At this level, people are presented with a chance to interact one on one and receive mentorship from people that are at the top of their entrepreneurial game.  It is a real life training and mentorship.

As a student of the Master Tuition, you’ll get a 90 minute class sessions for 6 hours lasting for a period of 5 days. Meanwhile, a virtual counselor will be assigned to offer you guidance on choosing the most appropriate course.

Basically, the Master Tuition is the next closest thing that can give you a real experience of a classroom- with the only exception being that your professors are simply experts who are best at practicing what they teach.


Tecademics Compensation Plan

The Tecademics compensation plan pays affiliates that sell the products to customers and other affiliates.

The way this works is that each product is treated as a seperate program in the comp plan and every affiliate must qualify for them by either buying it themselves, or selling the products to a customer.

You then can get paid up to 40% commissions on the products which looks like this:

  • $40 per month for a TEC membership
  • $800 for IMPACT
  • $4000 for MASTERS

But there is just one catch…

When you sell your first set of products at 40%, the next two sales you split the 40% between you and your upline.

Better explained, you get 20% and your upline gets 20% commissions.

When you get your 3 sales on a tier, you will get 40% commissions on the next four sales.

Every fifth sale then is a split again between you and your upline.

This goes back and forth…

Here it is in a nutshell so you can get a better grip on this:

  • First sale on any tier is an activation sale (40% commission paid to upline)
  • Second and third sales split 40% half and half between affiliate and upline
  • Next four sales pay out 40% commission to the affiliate
  • The fifth and every fifth sale thereafter is split 40% half and half between affiliate and upline

Matching Bonus

To qualify for this matching bonus, you must hit the following earnings within 36 months:

When you first hit $100,000 in commissions, you earn a 100% match and receive another $100,000 on top.

When you first hit $1,000,000 in commissions, you earn a 100% match and receive another $1000,000 on top.

Just remember, you must hit these income numbers within 36 months to qualify…

What Does It Cost To Join Tecademics?

The Tecademics affiliate membership is free.

If you want to get paid the big bucks, you must either sell or buy the $100 per month and then $2000, $10,000 or $12,000 product.

The $12,000 product is called Elite Fam insider which gives you the Masters course and full year for the TEC membership.

Tecademics Review – The Verdict

Overall if it’s anything like Chris Records previous content, I think it’s safe to say Tecadamics is 100% legit…

I personally have  gone through most of  the material so I am a bit biased as I have taken advantage of the content to make money.

Now having said that…

This is a Top notch program and it’s one of the most genourous paying ones overall.

join tecademics

=> Click Here to Create Your Free Account on TecAdemics Now <=

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2 thoughts on “Tecademics Review – Great Business or a Scam?”

  1. ***Important Update***

    Want to hear from some of the BEST trainers in the Internet Marketing Industry at a Live In-Person event at the Tecademics Corporate Headquarters in Scottsdale Arizona April 17th-21st? Yes? Then keep reading…

    First, check out this awesome list of confirmed speakers:

    Nicholas Kusmich
    Facebook Advertising Legend – One of the best Facebook Ads trainers in the industry, helping clients run multiple 6-figure ad campaigns and 7-figure ad campaigns.

    Donald Wilson
    Founder of Gear Bubble – Don runs one of the largest print on demand companies in the world, with over 100,000 active sellers.

    Thomas Bell
    Founder of Viral Style – Thomas runs one of the largest print on demand companies in the world, voted hottest tech startup in Tampa Bay, FL.

    Tanner Larsson
    E-Commerce Millionaire – Tanner has sold over $10million through his e-commerce business on both Shopify and Amazon and is one of the top ecom teachers in the industry.

    Robert V. Nava
    Founder, National Parks Depot – Robert’s Shopify Store has done over $6million in sales, as well as another $2million in sales on Amazon.

    Jennifer Hudye
    Copywriting Expert – Jennifer is one of the best copywriters in the industry, helping run campaigns for all-stars like Joe Polish & Dean Graziosi.

    Matt Schmitt
    Physical Product Seller – Matt is one of the best teachers in the industry when it comes to selling physical products online, with a wealth of knowledge.

    Kenny Kline
    Blogging & SEO Master – Kenny runs a very successful SEO business as well as teaching how to rank Shopify Sites in Google for free traffic.

    Karl Schuckert
    Affiliate Marketing Master – Karl has managed some of the biggest product launches of 2016/2017 and has expert training for affiliate marketers.

    Arthur Tubman
    Fan Page Network Builder – Arthur has built a multi-million dollar network of Facebook Fan Pages and knows how to manage fan pages better than most people in the world.

    Sam Bell
    Facebook Ads Agency – Sam is a Facebook Ads expert, specializing in teaching people how to run profitable ad campaigns for anything they want, whether it’s building an email list, or promoting Shopify products.

    Chris Record
    CEO & Co-Founder of Tecademics – Chris has generated over $10million online and is voted one of the best trainers in the Internet Marketing industry.

    Jim Piccolo
    Chairman & Co-Founder of Tecademics – Jim has overseen over a billion dollars in transactions during his career between real estate deals and businesses he’s been an equity partner in.

    And here are some of the topics we will be teaching at this exclusive event:

    Facebook ads
    Learn how to scale profitable Facebook ad campaigns from experts who have scaled into the millions.

    Fan pages
    Learn how to build Facebook fan pages with compelling content that goes viral and how to increase your reach to millions of Facebook users.

    Learn from Shopify sellers who have successfully sold millions of dollars worth of products on their store.

    Learn how to write compelling emails and advertising copy that can increase conversions on everything you sell online.

    Print on demand
    Understand the difference between a campaign that sells 10 items versus a campaign that sells 10,000 items and how to model after success to create your own results.

    Affiliate marketing
    Learn the fundamentals of launching digital products online and dominating affiliate promotions for high converting offers.

    Learn from some of the best SEO strategists in the world on how to create content to help rank your websites and stores in the top 10 in Google.

    Sales conversions
    Learn the psychology and process behind turning visitors into leads and converting those leads into sales as well as how to scale up your business.

    Business fundamentals
    Learn insights on running a successful business from CEOs and founders of multi million dollar empires.


    Live-attendance is exclusive to Tecademics TECWEEK students. This is our premium year-long student education package, where you get to come to this 5-day event, as well as 4 additional week long experiences where you can receive cutting edge internet marketing training from some of the best trainers in the world.

    ***Attendance is not cheap***

    If you would like to hear more about joining TECWEEK and getting to attend this BONUS TECADEMICS GRAND OPENING EVENT for free as a member, then contact our support team and request more information.

    Please only contact us if you are serious, able to travel, able to cover your own lodging, and you aren’t in a rough financial position currently.

    Contact Tecademics Sales/Support for more details:
    602-832-7777 or support@tecademics.com

    Comment below if you think this is a rockstar lineup of speakers!!!

  2. BREAKING NEWS! – I’m excited to officially announce the launch of our newest Tecademics offering called the “Digital Publishers Academy!”

    Become a certified digital publisher with Tecademics and you can create and launch your own courses on our Marketplace! As a publisher you will earn 40% commissions on every sale of your course, and as an affiliate you will earn 40% commissions on every course that you promote!

    If you are the publisher AND the affiliate, you can earn up to 80% commissions!!!

    Digital Publishing (product launches) is how I generated millions of dollars in my business in 2015 & 2016 prior to launching Tecademics. In fact, it’s how I came up with the funds to launch the company (we didn’t take on outside investors).

    People ask me all the time to teach them my strategies for launching digital courses, finding affiliates, and generating passive income online while branding yourself for authority.

    Now I’m proud to announce that we have created that opportunity for you in Tecademics! When you join our Digital Publishers Academy you can get our step by step training on how to create your own courses, including the syllabus outlines, creating the slides, screensharing, creating videos, and additional course resources!

    *** PLUS for the first 100 members we are also throwing in a FULL DAY of Studio Time at Tecademics where we will help recording and edit your course with you! ($5,000 Retail Value as a FREE Bonus!) ***

    First you go through our training and get certified, which gives you access to publish courses on our marketplace. Then you work with our team to get approval on your course. Once approved you come film it at our corporate headquarters (or film it from home and use your film day for something else).

    Then your course is edited and published in our marketplace, and members are notified of all new courses (we currently have hundreds of thousands of excited members), as well as notifications to our affiliates (currently thousands of affiliates looking for great offers for their email lists).

    How would you like the opportunity to earn up to 80% commissions with Tecademics?

    How would you like to build authority as an expert in your field with your own digital product launch?

    How would you like to create a digital course once that can continue to be sold for months, even years, through organic marketing as well as affiliates and even paid traffic?

    If you are looking to build a massive email list, create expert authority for your brand, and get help with your next product launch, then be sure to lock up your spot in our Digital Publishers Academy today!

    Details can be found on our Event Page, and the button to join is the RED button to earn 80% commissions!

    Remember, the first 100 get our $5,000 studio day for FREE as a fast action bonus, so be sure to jump on this offer ASAP. We haven’t even email our database about this yet, so you can have first movers advantage to ensure you get your spot locked in by taking action now!

    Learn More about Becoming a Digital Publisher on this page – As well as links to join today!


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