Teckademics Affiliate Program

Teckademics Affiliate Program

teckademics affiliate programBecoming an Affiliate

To become a Tecademics Affiliate, each applicant must
be at least 18 years of age and submit a properly completed
online Affiliate Application and Agreement to Tecademics.Upon review of an application, Tecademics reserves the right
to accept or reject any Affiliate Application and Agreement
for any reason or for no reason.


Other than the payment of the on going monthly administrative
virtual office fee, if any, no person is required to purchase
Tecademics products, services or sales aids, or to pay any charge
or fee to become or remain an Affiliate.


Once an Affiliate Application and Agreement has been accepted by
Tecademics the benefits of the Compensation Program and the Affiliate
Agreement are available to the new Affiliates.

These benefits include the right to:

*Become Certified to market defined Tecademics
products and services;

*Participate in the Tecademics Compensation Program
(receive bonuses and commissions, if eligible);

*Sponsor other individuals as Customers or Affiliates
into the Tecademics opportunity and thereby build a
down-line and progress through the Tecademics
Compensation Program;

*Receive periodic Tecademics literature and other Tecademics
communications; Participate in Tecademics – sponsored support, service, training, motivational, and recognition functions, upon payment of appropriate charges, if applicable; and

*Participate in promotional and incentive contests and programs sponsored by
Tecademics for its Affiliates



The Term of the Affiliate Agreement is month – to – month and is automatically renewed upon the payment of the monthly Affiliate virtual office access fee, if any. Should an Affiliate fail to pay his/her monthly fee, the Affiliate’s opportunity will be put on suspension and will not be eligible.

Affiliate Policies and Procedures Guide for commissions or bonuses u his/her fee for a full month, the Affiliate’s Agreement shall be
permanently terminated.

Affiliates must adhere to all of the terms of the Tecademics Compensation Program as set forth in official Tecademics literature.
An Affiliate shall not offer the Tecademics opportunity through,
or in combination with, any other system, program, sales tools,
or method of marketing other than those specifically set forth in official Tecademics literature.  Affiliates shall not require or encourage other current or prospective Customers or Affiliates to execute any agreement or contract other than official Tecademics agreements and contract forms in order to become a Tecademics Affiliate. Similarly, Affiliates shall not require or encourage other current or prospective Customers or Affiliates to make any purchase from, or payment to, any individual or other entity to participate in the Tecademics Compensation Program other than those purchases or
payments identified as recommended or required in official
Tecademics literature.
Affiliates are Independent Contractors.  The agreement between
Tecademics and its Affiliates does not create an employer/employee relationship, agency, partnership, or joint venture between the Company and the Affiliates.  Affiliates shall not be treated as employees for their services or for Federal or State tax purposes.
     All Affiliates are responsible for paying any and all local State,
or provincial taxes of any kind or nature when due.
Additionally, the Affiliate has no authority (expressed or implied) to bind the Company to any obligation.
     Each Affiliate shall establish his or her own goals, hours, and methods of sale, so long as he or she complies with the
terms of the Affiliate Agreement, these Policies and Procedures, and applicable laws and ordinances.
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